COVID19 Update



List of products that can ship today:

Scat Pack Fender Badges

392 Scat Pack Bee Shirt

Scat Pack Club Shirt

Start Stop Button Overlays

Fuel Door Inserts

Decals & Stickers

Valve Stem Caps

Valve Stem Caps & Wrench

392 Badges


Gift Certificates


I would like to start this message by thanking each and every one of you for your passion and support over the years. We all belong to a unique community that continues to amaze me to this day.

With the recent crisis effectively shutting down America's way of life, it’s my hope that we can all get back to normal soon. Being a resident of Washington State, we have been hit hard. I have personally avoided public interactions for some time now in order to keep my family healthy and safe, as they have been sent home due to school and job closures already.

Over the recent weeks I have been able to work alone in the shop in order to create product and fill your orders. For those who don’t know, we create all of our products here in house. Whether it is our custom badges, stickers, hats, or t-shirts, all of it is made by us in the studio. Without assistance at the shop over the last few weeks, I have been as busy as ever trying to get orders shipped the same day they are placed.

On Monday, our Governor made an announcement for all non-essential businesses to close their doors within 48 hours in an effort to protect our vulnerable friends and neighbors by combating the spread of the virus. Because of this order, the shop and all production machines will be shut down for a minimum of two weeks.

Thankfully, we have a lot of popular items in stock that were created for our vendor booth at Springfest which was recently cancelled. (see available products at the bottom of this page) A shipping station has now been set up at my residence, and packages will still go out daily as normal. The only exception is that many items will not be available for purchase. The stock which has already been made and is ready to ship, is the only stock that we will have on hand. When we run out of badges, when XL shirts are sold out, we won’t be able to replenish that stock until our Governor lifts the order and lets businesses open their doors again. In the meantime, we have gift certificates available here that can be applied to purchases any time in the future. Each gift certificate that is purchased before April 7th will receive a free gift when they redeem their certificate. So if you really wanted a shirt but we are out of your size, consider buying a gift certificate, and the minute we open our doors again we’ll be ready to fill our shelves and make you cool stuff!

I know that millions of you are in a similar situation and I truly hope that you and your family are doing well. If you have the means, and your local businesses are also shut down, consider sending your barber a few bucks to pay for your next haircut or maybe buy a local gift card.

Thanks again to you all and I apologize for having such a small amount of inventory. But rest assured, we will be back in business soon and ready to help you get your car ready for this year’s events!


Here Are The Products That Can Ship Today!